Welcome to the Rappelz Dark MMORPG!

We have prepared this guide for you to enter the game's magical world more quickly.

After Rappelz enters Dark, you will see 3 different race options. All races have their own unique abilities and play styles. You can immerse yourself in the fluidity of the game by choosing the one that suits you best, and by trying each race you can discover the one that best suits your playing style.


Are you ready to choose your race and enter the game and discover what to do?

I'll show you some tricks below that will save you time and strength.

After your character window in the game opens, go to the Teleporter and set it to "Select the horizon as a return point". This will save you time when you come back from the dungeons to the city while leveling up. I also recommend getting the "Return Scroll" from the merchant NPC.

magic light

You can get your buffs from the light (Magic Pillar) next to the teleportation and you are ready to slaughter your first creature.

blue poch in inventory

When you click the blue poch in your inventory, you will reach level 25 and for the first start, our players are given nice gifts and items, and this repeats every 10 level purchases. Don't forget to check your inventory, surprise gifts are waiting for you :)

Hidden Village / Premium Buff

Before entering the dungeons, I recommend going to the Hidden Village (Hidden Village) and getting your Hidden Bay buffs. You can use the Hidden Cove Teleporter or the Hidden Cove Passport in your inventory to go to the Hidden Cove.

When you come to Sakli Bay, you can quickly get Saklikoy buffs from Saman Taratos. Now you are ready to enter your first dungeon and embark on a fantastic journey.

To reach the Premium Market, you need to buy a 1-day Ticket from the Dark Market.

Dungeon Teleporter

You can enter dungeons that match your level from the Dungeon Teleporter. To the left of the dungeon names, the minimum level required for you to enter that dungeon is indicated. If you are at the desired minimum level and above, you can enter these dungeons.

Leveling up will be very easy if you follow the dungeon teleporter's list. dungeons are arranged for you according to each level range.

Level Gifts

As you level up, you will be given chests full of gifts at certain level intervals. Surprise items and decorative items will be given to you at these events.

30-day Weapons, 15-day Pets, Everything Comes to Your Inventory!

Class Promoter

But in order to use these mastery weapons, you must first change your class from the Class Promoter (NPC).

Races and class charts are given below

Class Name


The mastery itemist unlocks Parallel 160 items for you with a skill. Choose Your Class to Progress and Get Your Item The Mastery item in our city sells items such as the medusa helmet.


Symbol of Races

There is almost everything that will be useful for you in the Dark Market (pieces that give %, pieces that give other stats, miracle potions, etc.). You can easily explore the Dark Market yourself.


Your mastery items will be waiting for you when you first step into the game, then you can continue from where you left off to level up.


You can continue to level up in Kubrik (The Labyrinth)  dungeons without much difficulty, if you find it difficult as a solo, you can find teammates in the game and make dungeon parties to progress more easily. Because in advanced dungeons, the creatures will start to get a little more difficult.




Buff Upgrade In order to make it easier for us to get the Rappelz Dark buff, it gives an icon that can be developed and not connected to the character we carry in our inventory. We need +1 buff stones to strengthen the buffs given by the races icon. You can combine these buff stones with the Races icon in the 'Enchant' window. You can purchase buff stones from dungeon bosses, Dark Exchange NPC, Premium shop and website. You can visit our youtube channel to learn how to increase buff stones + rank in detail.


Vulcanus Special Farm

Dear Rappelz players, a new NPC has appeared behind the Altar in the city of Horizon, once again with the difference of Rappelz Dark. You can enter the Vulcanus dungeon from this NPC and start your exciting event adventure. In order to start this Adventure, you need to purchase the [Bound]Magmatic Tear required for dungeon entry by entering the 'General Materials' tab in the Dark Market NPC. When you talk to this NPC, he will give you two options; -The first is the dungeon entry option - you need to enter the dungeon here and reach the boss. -Secondly, the store option where you will buy your gifts Once you enter the dungeon, creatures will appear in front of you and when you kill them, the portal will open to pass to the next floor, and you will see options for you to click on this portal and switch to the next floor. The dungeon consists of four floors and Vulcanus (Boss) is located on the fourth floor.

Volcanus Trade

After kill the boss, it  various drops. The most important drop for us is the 'Vulcanus Journal'. Because with this, you can buy items that will be very useful in the game from the NPC store. After leaving the dungeon, you can go to the Event NPC, enter the store from the 'Trade Books' section, see your gifts and get the items you want - if you have enough Vulcanus Journals in your inventory. You can view the awards on other pages by clicking the Next page tab.

Death Match İsland

One of Rappelz Dark's new event is Death Match Island. To enter here, you should talk with Explorer of Death Match Island (NPC) in Horizon City. In this island you can duel with other guild members either your guild members.

To enter the Island click on "Survival Game" option.

When you enter the Island, all of your buffs and boosters will be gone. But you can still use your buff stone and boosters again before begin to battle.

After battle, you gain a "Blood Stone (Kan Taşı)". This item will appear on inventory and you can click on it and then it will add arena points (AP) which you can use them Death Island NPC's shop.

o reach Death Match Island Shop, you can click on "Fight Point" option.

Make 205 Armor Sets

To Build 205 God Sets Required 

Reviac Set 

Normal Fragmans 

Epic  Fragmans 

Legandary  Fragmans  

Diamond and Refined Required. The number of items is written in the NPC on the horizon. Youtube=

Make 203 Witch Weapons

203 For You While Making Witch Items

185 Joker Weapons (which you use and must wear)

Normal Fragmans

Epic  Fragmans

Legandary  Fragmans

Devil orb and Witch Scroll are required.

You can translate from Gandalf Blacksmith on the Horizon.

Youtube =

Make immortal killer cloak

Making an Immortal Cloak Required Items

 +20 Sand cloak 250 Yushiva Essence 3500 Refined 35 Scale 750 Infinity Stone 100 Rondo 100 Horizon 100 Laksi 100 Katan Stone.

You Can + Press Up to +20 with Ultimate Cloak Cube and +20 will increase your Skills by +1

Youtube =

Make RappelzDark İnfinity Wings

How to Make Unlimited Wings;

1x Tamahakan Boss Card

1000 Infinite Lights

2500 Infinite Gem Stone

2500 Infinite Dragon Stones

2000 Infinite Black Feather

1500 Everlasting White Feather

10000 Refined

2000 Infinity Stone

After Making This Wing, You Can Enchant Up To +25 Plus.

Youtube =

Guild Dungeon

Clan Dungeon  Have Special 


He is Wait You1


Distorted Dungeon Trade

You can also trade the Spirits that you drop from the Barter in Distorted Dungeon. You can get items such as Costume Mystic cube.

Only Drops Distorted Dungeons.