Rappelz Dark | Game Rules


Rappelzdark reserves the right to partially or completely amend or extend the following Rules.

Any change or extension of the rules is immediately and definitely valid.

By creating an Account on our website, you are agreeing to the Rules listed below.

Your Accounts for the Code violation you have committed will be terminated immediately.


1-It is forbidden until the Cubuk dungeon. (1 Day Account Ban)

2-Insulting & Humiliating Managers (Unlimited Account ban)

3- 3 Part software is prohibited. (Unlimited Account Ban)

4-Account sale is strictly prohibited. (Unlimited Account Ban)

5-ᴏʏᴜɴ ɪᴄɪ ᴄʜᴀᴛᴛᴇ ᴋᴜғᴜʀ is prohibited. (3 hours chat ban)

6-Server is forbidden to insult in any way. (5 hour chat ban) Anything that does not comply with the Internet etiquette is counted as Insult !.

7- Advertising Strictly Prohibited (Unlimited Account ban)

8-Your Speaking and Movements in Discord The In-Game Effects Penalties are the same.

9-Bug / open abuse- account reset

10-Do not use inappropriate words in User Name or Pet name, your account will be deleted.

11-PK is not allowed during GM Event. Exceptions are DROP & EXP Event.

12-Farm Dungeon has no PK Rule

13-PK is not allowed on any Port point and Portal.

14- Blocking or neutralizing the Players who are about to complete their missions in any way will be punished.

15-Players who are involved in the fraudulent activity will be denied access to the game.




We want you to follow these Rules !!!

We wish you lots of fun in our server.