Rappelz Dark | Event Calendar

Event Calendar

Exp Event

20% Exp Event for All Our Players Started Every Saturday.
Time to Win Ex

Drop Event

Every Tuesday and Thursday 20% Drop Event Starts For You.

Taming Event

Every Sunday Noon 12:00 until Sunday 00:00 +15 Sev Creature Domestication Skill Card Increase.

Boss Event

Random Bosses Appear on Uncertain Days of the Week. Top Warriors Drive Them Out of the City.

City Boss Event

Boss Attack Around the City During Uncertain Hours, Permanent Boss Raid Event Specific to Each City Protect Your Cities.

Rappelz Dark

World Is A Fun and Game Rappelz Dark Nice Choice for Adventure and PK


Contact Discord Authorities Before Buying $100 or More Dark Points.

10% Dark Point Gift for Dark Point Purchase of $100 and Above!